Oak and Concrete

from by Rain Residents

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Man went down gonna build him a coffin,
find him one old big oak tree.

Man had lost his home and his crop lands,
suit came up and said pay them fees.

So man went huntin', draggin' that coffin,
trackin' the suit to the big city.

Concrete scars are the trails of the sheep man, Concrete hives high as he could see.

Ain’t nobody left no woman or man,
just spineless opinions melting to a screen.

Chorus (x2):

You don’t go tellin' me nothing,
no don’t go tellin' me nothin'
You don’t go tellin' me nothing’s wrong around here.


Man went howling, banging on his coffin,
calling the suit screaming come fight me.

Then outta the alley came a creature forgotten,
caring and strong beautiful when free.

There stood woman livin' in hidin',
shunned by the suits and the worker bees.

Woman went running gotta stop that banging,
man saw her and fell to his knees.

Woman said quiet, lets leave take me with you,
cause if you don’t they’ll kill you and me.

Chorus (x2)


Man went silent kneelin' in his coffin,
woman his angel brought him to his feet.

Lights went crashin' and then the guns came a runnin',
man said woman won’t you come with me?

Woman and man went runnin' to the hills,
to find a place where home could be.

The concrete culture kept its dead beat thumping,
the spineless opinions didn’t notice a thing.

That old oak coffin waiting on their doorstep,
to comfort the death of the concrete breed.



from Rain Residents LP, track released September 5, 2016
Steven: Guitar and vocals

Xitlalic: Keys, bass, and backing vocals

Steven & Xitlalic: Mixing and producing



all rights reserved


Rain Residents Seattle, Washington

Rain Residents:

We are artist/musicians from Northwest Washington.

There is so much about the place we all call home that is intangible, but crucial to feel of our home.

We have a plethora of influences and ideas that are aided by the perspective we gain just by living here.

We hope you enjoy our particular flavor, and evolution through the years to come.

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